Seeing Clearly: The Value of Visibility

Lost visibility into your supply chain means lost value.

Ironically, while companies are leveraging extended supply chain networks and heavy outsourcing to meet these challenges, these solutions create a significant new problem: lost visibility. Lost visibility into your supply chain means lost value. The good news is that the right telematics and related technologies can help maintain powerful visibility and control over even the most complex global supply chain networks.

Among the many impacts of the Amazon effect is heightened demand for consumer visibility into availability and shipping logistics, from the first mile to the last. Not surprisingly, businesses see value in getting the right supply chain visibility to meet those customer expectations and ensure efficiencies in their own operations.

The hurdles come in trying to actually implement in some tough supply chain use cases such as highly volatile, highly valuable pharmaceutical cargo that’s also environmentally sensitive.

Smart sensors and granular data mean we can provide real-time operational intelligence to not only reduce the risk of cargo theft and spoilage, but also document compliance with regulations and drive operational efficiencies that benefit everyone, from manufacturers and shippers to the end consumers.

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Article Reference: Inbound Logistics

About Author: Michael Burdiek is president, chief executive officer and board of director at CalAmp and has held the positions since 2011. A recognized M2M and IoT pioneer, Burdiek has led the company’s rapid growth as the telematics and IoT market leader and spearheaded several strategic acquisitions.

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