Customer Experience (CX) – The Main Differentiator

61% Shippers and Logistics Service Providers Agree

The truth is out there. Technology tools offer mindbending ways to delight retailers and their customers. And there’s no conspiracy about that.

To stand out in the market, a company needs more than great products at great prices. It also must deliver excellent customer service. Among other things, that means having products in stock when customers want them; making it easy to conduct transactions; offering detailed information about products; providing quick, convenient delivery; and keeping customers informed about the progress of their orders.

Over the next five years, customer experience will overtake product and price as the main differentiator among brands, according to 61% of shippers and logistics service providers surveyed in 2019 by BluJay Solutions, Adelante SCM, and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (see charts).

With that evolution in mind, companies are investing in technologies that enhance customer service. “That’s a new trend,” says Patrick Maley, chief marketing officer at BluJay, a supply chain software and services vendor based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. “Typically, the reason for investment has always been raising productivity and lowering costs.”
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Article Reference: Inbound Logistics

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