We have 16+ years of domain expertise in serving Logistics and Freight Forwarding companies across Europe and USA. The accumulated experience helps us understand that timely execution and precision are the two prime factors governing Outsourcing in this industry.

We assist you by taking over the burden on non-core functions so that you can devote unwavering focus to your core business practices and leave the rest on our shoulders.

Low Operational Costs

Efficiency means nothing if it is not accompanied by cost savings upto 50% . We ensure that our documentation services help you witness a sharp decline in your day-to-day running expenses.


With our data entry staff working round the clock for you, you can engage in your primary business functions without a care in the world.

Higher Productivity

With our reliable and quick documentation solution, you can solely immerse yourself in enhancing the company’s productivity.

Secured Processing

Your security is our responsibility. We use highly reliable software tools in order to maintain absolute confidentiality of your valuable data.

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Outsourcing and Automation for Logistics & Forwarding companies across Europe & USA.