Ocean carrier contracts are complex. Dozens of carriers serve myriad trade lanes, and the format and content of each carrier’s contract is unique. Every carrier applies a multitude of surcharges in various ways; in fact, more than 350 different surcharges are applied worldwide, according to some estimates.

In the world of Sea freight forwarding today, managing carrier tariffs, rates and discounts can be a Herculean task. Also, response time is everything. If you’re management tools aren’t fast enough, aren’t connected to your business systems, or don’t allow you to effortlessly bring out rates with multiple carriers, it’s slowing you down and costing you on your staff productivity as well.

An efficient and state-of-the-art Rate maintenance system provides a complete rate of all your carriers that allows you to view and compare rates of carriers that you prefer, and gain full control over the rates whilst managing the sales process. It also helps compare rates and send quotations when dealing with clients. Overall, it enables forwarders to optimize processes, boost quotation process and sales revenue and, drive delivery performance and high levels of customer satisfaction.

To efficiently manage your rates, discounts, tariffs and contracts with carriers our experienced team has developed a rate maintenance tool wherein, just by choosing the options on a pre-compiled rate matrix, the Rate Quotes with point to point, all-in rates can be generated instantly and can later be mailed to customers as a Quotation.

Key features of the Rate Maintenance System:

  • Rates are entered and managed by Axe Bpo thereby eliminating paper work and data entry labor
  • Ocean freight rates of all available carriers can be searched
  • Dedicated resources will be managing all your contracts ‘ round the clock’, providing quick turnaround time for all updations.
  • Compare prices of all available carriers
  • EDI integration with client operating system for creating rate quotes
  • Display of rate with the breakdown of ocean freight and surcharges, providing users as “All in” price
  • All future surcharges will be displayed with the breakdown of “subject to” or “included”
  • Overseas surcharges can be displayed to the user in foreign currency
  • All rates validity and expiry will be displayed
  • Facilitates faster, more accurate quoting
  • Transactional pricing

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