Is your AP department stuck with manual invoice processing?

As a Forwarding / Logistics business working on a 3% margin, can you afford to incur high costs and consume more time and resources for Accounts Payable processing.

Axe Bpo offers seamless electronic invoice processing solution delivering 65% more efficiency across the Invoice Receipt to Payment cycle. A combination of imaging hardware, software, skilled team along with intuitive archiving, analytics and dashboards, transform thousands of invoices (originating as paper or scan images) into systematically extracted, validated and real-time data.

Axe Bpo is the leading Business Process Outsourcing company for Forwarding and Logistics companies across Europe & USA.


quick -extraction
Quick Extraction
Time-consuming processing of Paper-based, Scanned & PDF Invoices are converted to digital form for easy processing, with OCR and Video Coding systems

quick -extraction
Happy AP Team
Quick processing allows AP team to achieve more in less time. They are well-positioned to detect invoice discrepancies, negotiate discounts, address late payments and reduce huge operational inefficiencies and costs.

End-to-End Transparency
The trail from invoice receipt up to supplier payment is tracked to turn your AP team into an efficient and agile unit and facilitate invoice processing without any bottlenecks.

Intuitive Analytics & Dashboards
AP team and management have access to latest invoice status and cashflow situation in real time to effectively evolve budgets and expand business with confidence.

Supplier Portal
Streamlined digital invoice archiving and integration with ERP to the supplier portal, helps provide visibility to the Suppliers and avoid communication gaps and frequent follow up by mail and call.

Compliant Audit-Ready Data
A first-time right approach ensures invoice to payment processing by the AP team delivering authentic, accurate and compliant information that conforms or adheres to company policies, procedures and statutory regulations.

Cut Costs
Hiring your own in-house accounts payable staff, as well as all the equipment and programs that are necessary for the process, can be very costly. However, by outsourcing, you can have experienced, equipped professionals do the same job at a lower cost.

Constant Coverage
With an in-house AP staff, a supervisor would be responsible for managing scheduling and handling issues if employees are out. An outsourcing firm cross-trains multiple employees on accounts and maintains common standards. You never have you worry about being left uncovered!

The automated processes and experience of a service provider can get your work done quicker and more accurately than a small in-house staff can.

Minimization of Error
Human error can lead to costly consequences. However, the automated processes and experienced professionals of a service provider can minimize common mistakes.
ap-trackingAutomated Tracking
Even though the work is being done off-site, modern technology allows you to track each step of the AP process instantly – so you are never left in the dark.

Before, we had no approval controls in place for AP invoices. Now, all invoices are routed with full transparency and accountability.

-Managing Director Freight Forwarding company, Belgium, France & Germany

You don’t have to have fully fledged AP Department and yet you get all of that expertise. We saved monthly in early payment discounts....

-Managing Director Leading NVOCC in Spain & Portugal

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