The Logistics News That Shaped 2019

Take a peek at this years top Logistics Management news articles...

Every year at this time, group news editor Jeff Berman combs through the mountain of news that was reported, written and posted by the Logistics Management editorial staff over the course of the year to create the following list.

Instead of relying on page view analytics to arrive at a “most popular” list, Berman believes that these are the stories that best summarize the story of 2019 in logistics and transportation management. “This is the news that’s changing the market environment and will most certainly alter the way shippers approach operations in 2020,” he says.

Take a peek at this years top Logistics Management news articles:

In stunning development, NEMF and 10 related subsidiaries declare bankruptcy

Another storied, unionized, less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier has gone under and taking tons of capacity away from shippers in the Northeast.

Trucking bankruptcies rising as fleets fail to adjust to changing market place
In the first half of this year there more than twice as many trucking cessations than all last year, and the size of companies has more than tripled

Report: FedEx rolls out last-mile pilot program
FedEx Freight, the less-than-truckload subsidiary of Memphis-based transportation and logistics titan FedEx, is taking its initial steps into the rapidly-growing, e-commerce-driven last-mile logistics sector, according to a Bloomberg report published earlier this week.

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About the Author: Jeff Berman is Group News Editor for Logistics Management, Modern Materials Handling, and Supply Chain Management Review. Jeff works and lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where he covers all aspects of the supply chain, logistics, freight transportation, and materials handling sectors on a daily basis. Contact Jeff Berman

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