A look at what is in store for 2020

Technology continues to be the driving force, but it's evolving.

In early December, a researcher asked me what were going to be the solutions driving the supply chain 20 years from now. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue. I think back to stories I was writing less than a decade ago, and none of them predicted the rise in robotics or the emergence of things like artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things. Then e-commerce fulfillment kicked into high gear, and we were all off to the races.

But the question got me to thinking about what I’m going to be watching in the coming year, which is a little safer time period for prognostication. I came up with four trends.

Given the energy and investment in robotics in our space, suggesting that there will be a robotics trend in 2020 is a safe bet. After all the pilots and promises, what I see happening is that robot solution providers, and the end user community, are realizing that there is no one size fits all robot.

It’s all about the algorithm
A few years ago, I wrote a column titled It’s All About The Software following a Modex or Promat show. What I’d noticed is that solution providers were no longer talking about the features and functionality of their hardware at the booths; rather, it was about how their software was transforming the solutions they were bringing to market.

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About the Author:Bob Trebilcock, editorial director, has covered materials handling, technology, logistics and supply chain topics for nearly 30 years. In addition to Supply Chain Management Review, he is also Executive Editor of Modern Materials Handling. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Trebilcock lives in Keene, NH. Contact Bob Trebilcock at 603-357-0484.

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