Smartphone and Tablets are everywhere, enabling businesses to deliver quick and directed information to customers. These devices are loaded with advanced capabilities and designed to support various communications – Data, Voice & Video. Now you can view reports and take decisions, respond to queries, watch videos, listen to industry podcasts and communicate instantly.As freight forwarders, operating in the high time-sensitive zone, you need to have instant access to freight booking status, sailing schedules, freight movement and the best available Export & Import rates.

Keeping with this need, Axe Bpo offers unique and intuitive Mobile Apps for the Logistics industry, compatible with major smart platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. When you are confronted with timely and optimized delivery, mobility solutions and the built-in flexibility is invaluable. This application will be made available on Customers website / Industry portals for quick download and installation. Thus giving your business pace and ease, to keep both your customers and employees satisfied, with the anytime, anywhere mobile edge.Get access to mobility and wealth of information in few easy steps:

1. Download Axe Bpo Mobile Apps
2. Configure to your company PC
3. Access your world
4. Fetch country-specific shipping rates
5. Search shipping destination/routes
6. Determine sailing schedule
7. Book freight