In order to maximize profits, optimize costs, enhance efficiency and gain vital competitive edge over rival firms, it is crucial that freight forwarding businesses capitalize on the latest technology in Track and Trace process so that it monitors the movement of client’s valuable cargo all throughout the process of delivery. It is an extremely vital process for customer satisfaction.

The customer is informed about the cargo’s location, thus providing precise time of expected arrival. It helps in controlling a scenario wherein even minor glitches could interrupt the well sketched out delivery schedule. With our support you can effectively remedy the situation and get your delivery on time.

However the challenge lies in the fact that there are numerous companies involved in the movement of goods, making the tracking very tough to manage. Moreover, gathering and providing real time tracking by employing staff or web based system or informing clients over telephone involves infeasible high costs, cumbersome processes and is also time consuming. This takes a toll on your core competency areas of Logistics and Freight Forwarding.

We at Axe Bpo, manage real time tracking of the movement of cargo on behalf of you through our Milestone Management Services. We supervise the continuous movement of cargo at the level of the shipment container; both inbound as well as outbound transfer. We receive real-time updates from global trading network in a faster and more reliable manner. This helps you proactively alert yourself of key events and at-risk milestones and deal with harrowing issues such as detention as well as demurrage, with a clear understanding of the container’s exact position and updated status.

Our experienced Milestone Management team optimizes the entire delivery process by querying appropriate parties to determine shipment location/status. Our service range includes all modes of transport (airways, roadways, waterways, railways and courier). We identify, inform and advise you on any delays so that you can proactively update your clients. Moreover we update your operating system with shipment status on a real time basis.

There is an array of customization services we undertake, that will cater you according to your needs. You can define who receives alerts as well as the frequency and content of the notification, personalize dashboards and assign alerts for resolution as well as report against them to identify root cause and eliminate recurrences. Also you can tune alerts according to specific events, data elements and tolerance levels based on planned milestones. Consequently, not only will you spend less on staffing, you’ll be able to offer improved customer service in a simple and smart manner to increase competitive advantage.

In a nutshell the benefits of availing our Milestone Management Services are:

  • Facilitates time savvy tracking process.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and competitive edge.
  • More reliable services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Proactive identification of hurdles in the delivery process


Axe Bpo’s Track and Trace system, designed by our experienced team with the aim of optimizing the entire delivery process for our clients, offers the following features:

  • Querying appropriate parties to determine shipment location/status
  • Updation of your operating system with shipment status
  • Advise on any delays so you can be proactive in updating your clients


Our Track and Trace software offers the following benefits:

  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Saves time
  • Considerable Cost reduction
  • Faster, more reliable services increasing customer satisfaction
  • Immediate recognition of obstacles in the delivery process

We believe that you should focus on your core competency areas and trust us with Milestone Management services to free yourself from cumbersome process of tracking. Our experienced and service oriented “Milestone Management team” who is experts in meticulous tracking and understands your as well as your clients’ needs like no one else. Avail our services and you are sure to manage the tracking services for your clients in a smarter way!

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