Invoice Management is crucial for smooth functioning of any business operation and maintaining of the working capital cycle. Invoice management deals with two sections namely accounts payable and accounts receivable. Although the stability of business is majorly dependant on these but is difficult to manage it efficiently.

Axe Bpo approach to Invoice management is unique and avoids lengthy and cumbersome processes of traditional invoice management. Traditional and conventional systems are still largely run via hand-processed billing, cash application and collections management functions.

We replace the paper based documentation and invoicing systems with web based applications and outsourced processing of such invoices to give you real time insights and advanced processing. This will enable you to have swift processing of invoices and will put away unnecessary paper works. Also it will help to reduce the excessive cost involved in traditional invoicing systems.

Further, due to payment processes being completely electronic based the efforts to reduce time lag between transaction date and payment date is minimised and security of payments is maximum. By outsourcing your invoice management activity to us you will have a better control over invoice and payments instead of piling you up under heaps of paper invoices and dealing with inefficiencies in optimizing cash flows.

As regards processing of bills we strongly believe that such operations should not consume your precious time and attention which you would rather like to invest on your core business operations. Such operations should be outsourced to professionals at AxeBpo who can not only handle the processing of bills in a better and more efficient manner but also relieve you from such redundant and hectic routines.

Our invoice management services are modernized, more reliable and quality focused in nature. Our robust invoice management services that the cost of inefficiency or error that businesses face while handling it themselves. Other merits of our invoice management services include consolidating and standardizing the invoice systems irrespective of vendors and geographic differences.

Our services help you in providing prompt invoice generation. We focus on reducing the working cycle to the least possible state for smooth functioning and avoidance of illiquidity or cash crunch situations. Automation and digitisations of processing enhances the accuracy, speed and efficiency. This also helps in tapping possibilities of discounts and savings.

These healthy mechanisms increases control over invoicing and provides a base for better price negotiations and optimum working capital and cash flows. The high end cash flow management provided by us is best of the breed and helps you gain a competitive edge over rivals with operational efficiency. It also saves your processing cost and time. The approvals and customization are faster and more reliable. As regards accounts receivable part, you save the collection agency costs as our healthy invoice management services transforms receivables into cash flows effectively.

We not only perform continuous monitoring of your receivables and payables but also assess your overdue of invoices and ageing of debtors and notify it promptly. The Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reconciliation statement is furnished to you regularly for keeping you updated.

To add to that we send periodic statements at client specified dates. A major highlight of this is it enables you to predict future trends by having’s insights to current and past trends. Therefore it is pretty clear that the benefits of availing our Invoice Management service are immense.

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