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What is Trending in Logistics in 2018

Last year Amazon made great moves with its drones, consolidated its overseas presence, IoT – Internet of Things made its presence felt in logistics in addition to new regulations and political shifts. Industry soothsayers say 2018 would be a less bumpy ride, as we have laid the foundation for change in our industry.


Logistics is now considered the backbone of major industries like Retail, eTail, FMCG, hospitality, healthcare, electronics and many more. What’s more such industries have begun consolidation and alignment with logistics technological developments – Advent of Robotics, AI and Automation. The primary aim of such technological infusion is to infuse a renewed vigour in terms of Speed, Convenience and Customer Service.

As we get set on the starting blocks of 2018, let’s count down on the trends which will be adopted in the logistics world.

Watch Out for the following trends in 2018:

Blockchain – Not only does blockchain offer transparency to customers and auditors it accords a sense of security, as all transactions are time stamped and stored in digital blocks. The chain of events linked by blocks presents the total picture. Inambiguous with absolute crystal-clear perspective. If you wish to retain or expand your logistics business adopting blockchain would not only win over customers, but you would be considered a compliant trusted entity. However, the first step is to digitize key processes like invoice managementcarrier rates and shipment tracking.

Choice of Delivery – With frenzied competition, buyers are spoilt for choice. A string of tools at their behest, makes choices much simpler. Hour of the day, is differentiation through service and deft pricing strategy. Hospitality industry has mastered this art, and its not long before the smarter logistics providers took note. Having said, the market for logistics is huge yet discerning and cut-throat. Address areas like rate maintenance and accounts payable processing through strategic outsourcing, as this notion would free resources engaged in non-core tasks for more critical business expansion efforts.

Take a leaf out of these emerging trends explore and expand your universe in 2018!