The Logistics industry truly improves business performance only when combined with Outsourcing expertise. Axe Bpo subject matter experts and the Management Team are from the logistics industry and oriented to respond quickly to your business challenges. Building these deep domain and process capabilities in outsourcing services, is a continuous process. Axe Bpo’s outsourced services gives logistics companies operating across Air, Ocean, Rail or Road sectors, multiple advantages, including automating sales and customer-facing functions, capacity planning and optimizing operational factors; leading to saving time, reducing costs and meeting customer expectations.



1. Rate quotes
2. Service contract / rate agreement creation and maintenance
3. Lead generation
4. Tariff and contract filings
5. Freight bookings
6. SEO campaign management support
7. Sales reports


1. Customer file and debtor file administration
2. Customer helpdesk e-mail query support
3. Booking desk phone
4. Booking desk email / EDI / Web / Mobile
5. Booking confirmation and equipment dispatch
6. Pre-advice / arrival notification



1. BL mainfesting, update and corrections
2. Advance mainfest information along with other customs and port compliances
3. Freight audit
4. Billing and invoicing
5. Vessel closures


1. Import data quality process/ checks
2. Arrival notifications
3. IGM filings with customs
4. Delivery order issuance
5. Freight audit


1. Vessel schedules
2. Vendor management-vendor file administration
3. PO management support
4. EDI management support
5. Inbound and outbound trans-shipment
6. Maintenance and repairs
7. Vessel performance reports


1. Effective Website marketing
2. Live chat support
3. Live email responses
4. Customized market research
5. Cargo tracking
6. Mobile website
7. Mobile App
8. Web help


1. Accounts payable
2. Accounts receivables
3. General ledger / Bank reconciliation
4. Vendor helpdesk
5. Credit and collections
6. Agency reconciliations
7. Detention and demurrage reporting
8. Cost reporting and audit
9. Management reporting
10. Monthly closing / Quarterly / Yearly closing
11. Treasury reporting
12. Management reporting
13. Pay-roll management
14. Agency audits
15. T&E
16. Disbursement accounting
17. Financial planning and analysis